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Marko Šolman

Trumpet player/bandleader based in Graz, Austria and a regular member of the Croatian Radiotelevision Jazz Orchestra. Here you can check out my musical projects.

May 2024 - Jul 2024

Upcoming gigs

15 May 2024 - Jazz orkestar Hrvatske radiotelevizije - feat. Ted Nash @ MSU, HR Zagreb
25 May 2024 - Filosofía @ HR Sv. Nedelja
01 Jun 2024 - Jazz orkestar Hrvatske radiotelevizije - feat. TBF @ Malo rimsko kazalište, HR Pula
07 Jun 2024 - Prohibition Stompers @ KulturQuartier, AT Leoben
12 Jun 2024 - Jazz orkestar Hrvatske radiotelevizije - feat. Makoto Ozone @ MSU, HR Zagreb
15 Jun 2024 - Buena Banda - Volkskulturfestival @ AT Feldbach
19 Jun 2024 - Jazz orkestar Hrvatske radiotelevizije - Nagrada Vladimir Nazor @ HNK, HR Zagreb
21 Jun 2024 - Buena Banda - Vielklang @ AT Salzburg
24 Jun 2024 - Jazz orkestar Hrvatske radiotelevizije - Glazba i grad @ Trg Kralja Tomislava, HR Zagreb
26 Jun 2024 - Buena Banda @ Blue Garage, AT Frauental
28 Jun 2024 - Prohibition Stompers - Minor Swing Weekend @ Jazzit, AT Salzburg
29 Jun 2024 - Buena Banda - Woodstock der Blasmusik @ AT Ort in Innkreis
04 Jul 2024 - Jazz orkestar Hrvatske radiotelevizije - feat. TBF @ Prokurative, HR Split
06 Jul 2024 - Prohibition Stompers - Slat'nska Legenda @ Evropska ploščad, SI Rogaška Slatina
10 Jul 2024 - Buena Banda @ Kulturheim Open Air, AT Werndorf
19 Jul 2024 - Filosofía - Jazz & Blues Festival @ HR Vodice
20 Jul 2024 - Buena Banda - Viva La Pampa @ AT Metersdorf
25 Jul 2024 - Buena Banda - Murszene @ AT Graz
26 Jul 2024 - Filosofía @ Piazza Verdi, IT Trieste
31 Jul 2024 - Buena Banda - Villacher Kirchtag @ AT Villach
(private gigs not listed)

1920s jazz band

Prohibition stompers


Prohibition stompers

The Prohibition Stompers project was launched in late 2016 in Graz, Austria, and comprises seven early jazz enthusiasts from different corners of the world. Their choice of music brings us back to the era referred to as the golden age of jazz or the roaring 20s, a period marked by boundless optimism and endless possibilities. This time was characterized by a booming economy, as well as the first widespread use of automobiles, telephones, radios, and other electrical appliances. The media was focused on celebrities, including sports stars like Babe Ruth and movie stars like Charlie Chaplin. As a result, the first pop-culture emerged with all the energy and madness of the period contained in the music. People began to dance to a fast-paced, rhythmic style of music known as stomp. The band strives to revive the spirit of that era, filled with new energy.

Brass band

Buena banda


Buena banda

Under the motto Time to Party, the Graz-born Austrian Brassband Buena Banda has been evolving for more than a decade between different genres and musical styles. From the tradition of New Orleans, through the folk music of their homeland, to the Grooves of today’s hits, Buena Banda does not want to define itself in one style. Multi-culti from its origins to the present. Its members from Austria, Italy and Croatia are always ready to integrate lyrics and music from their origins. From Billie Eilish Bad guy Cover, to a ballad Baba by Bilderbuch, or the rhythmic madness of Bucovina to absurd Performances like Junky Blues or Limbo Live Competition: „We want to surprise our audiences! We never leave them quiet!“ After huge evolutions during this long period Buena Banda never tires of evolving musically.

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